What Is Hip Hop Architecture?

Hip Hop has established itself as a gravitas culture that crosses borders of race, ethnicity, class, and religion. Members of the Hip Hop Generation carry the residue of the culture into all spaces they inhabit and their individual works are seasoned with the flavor of hip hop and architecture is not exempt.

Hip Hop Architecture explores the intersection of Hip Hop culture and the built environment through three interconnected realms; media, professional practice, and academia. The goal of Hip Hop Architecture is to increase the number of underrepresented populations in the practice of architecture while simultaneously creating a new approach to architecture and design, one based on the Hip Hop's founding elements (DJ, Emcee, Graffiti and B-Boy/ B-Girl). Hip Hop Architecture is a manifestation of the widely accepted fifth element of Hip Hop, Knowledge.

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The Hip Hop Architecture Camp™ is an initiative of The Urban Arts Collective, a non-profit organization with a mission to effectively engage, equip, and encourage underrepresented communities to explore S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts/Architecture, Math) related professions. The Hip Hop Architecture Camp is a one week camp which uses Hip Hop culture as a catalyst to introduce K-12 youth to Architecture and Urban Planning.

Track One: Lyrical Dexterity
Through interactive workshops based on lyrical explorations, campers learn Hip Hop History including the connections between the culture, places and spaces.

Track Two: Remixing Architecture
Students are introduced to architecture and urban planning as they create their own versions of Hip Hop Architecture, using traditional hand drawing techniques, hands on model making and 3D computer modeling.

Track Three: 16 Bars
Campers learn the basics of writing music and rhyming schemes as they create a track and music video summarizing their camp experience. The track will be featured on "Build It Up: The Hip Hop Architecture Camp Soundtrack Vol. 1.


What is Hip Hop Architecture?
TEDxMadison: Hip Hop Architecture: The Post Occupancy Report of Modernism

The Hip Hop Architect explores how hip hop lyrics provide an evaluation of modern urban architecture and some of the areas where it went wrong. Born and raised in Detroit, Michael Ford, The Hip Hop Architect, is the designer of The Universal Hip Hop Museum.